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How to become a technical writer?

To write is a simple act, but to write something that is worth reading for is too damn difficult. Technical writing means you write as a professional writer in the fields that revolve around business and consumer audiences. Most of the time your primary goal is to become a bridge between the manufacturer and consumer.


The easiest way to become a Technical writer is take a course that really focused on this field. But this is not really a primary requirements since many professionals who worked in this field doesn’t have any background in technical writing. Some of them are nurses, entrepreneurs, students, part time teacher, lawyer, etc.


Technical writing can be done through self-study and it can be learned through time. You can use some helpful technical books such as  Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen (1997) and many other books that you can check in nearby bookstores. You can also check online sources in the Internet.

All you have to do is keep reading and keep writing. If you want to be a technical writer, you must exert some effort to do it.

Next on …….What is the difference between literary and technical writing?

A Look Back in the Past

There is nothing more nostalgic that visiting an old street where you play when you were young.

I grew up in this old barrio called Purok Madasigon. It’s a small dot in the whole Philippine Islands but a lot of great stories can be found in this place.

It inspires me to take up a creative writing course that will allow me to write many unforgettable stories of ordinary people-a story that probably the world will never care at all.

But here I am representing this old street where memories of my childhood days remain alive. If only I can choose to be young forever, I might still playing on this dusty street together with other children.

All of us have our own playground but we will be surprised later on how this playground will turn into the same place as the rest of the world where cruelties of life do exist.

Look at how ordinary the street is. Our place is actually surrounded with vast sea and huge mountains. I wish the photo can help  you feel the calm atmosphere of Mabini. If you are living in the city, for sure you will like this place much better.

I am lucky enough that I experienced how to live a simple life, no gadgets, no play station just old Pinoy games and a lot of playing for the rest of the day.

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers in the World

To be a mother is not easy. Every time I see how my mother would do several work just to feed us, I know she is really a supermom. She takes care of us and gives what we want but I never heard her complaining about it. I’m lucky enough that she knows how to balance work and motherly task. 

In this special day, I would like to honor and give thanks to my Mama Yolly for all the sacrifices you have done for us. I wish I can stay with you longer despite my condition.

Here is my simple gift for you. A painting of our walks in the park when I was young. You always hold my hand as if you are affraid to lose me anytime. I love you mom and happy mother’s day. <3<3

Art for Art Sakes

Let’s Stop Talking Tech stuff for a while!

I don’t only talk about tech things and shiz but I also have a big heart for arts and painting.

How about you?

This painting is done through poster paint. It’s a simplistic drawing but it tries to cover the whole frame and done after Vincent V.(original copy is torn by my evil aunt after she envied me for being the favorite of her sibling. So I stopped painting for a while because of trauma.) I don’t do any editing of the painting but my camera is quite bad so forgive for that matter. 🙂

I have lost of frustration in life. I have so many dreams that will remain as dreams forever. But the moment I held brush in my hands, I know in my paintings I don’t have to think about what others will say, I will continue to paint because I know I love it. I do it for the art itself not to just to impress other people.

I am willing to accept criticism because I am trained to listen to other people’s opinion. You can be who you are as long as you choose to become what you are. Don’t waste time regretting that you are not born with a gift of being a painter. Dreams are made therefore start making one for your future.

Power Shortage in the Philippines

Currently, the Philippines is experiencing a rotational brownout the almost reach up to 7 hours everyday. Malls and other establishments are experiencing some damage with their main appliances like air conditioners and other machineries. If we come to think of it, the number of users in the country that owned gadgets and other appliances don’t reach the total number of electric consumers in other country like U.S and other places around the globe.

The country has many resources but why is this happening nowadays? Is it the effect of the corrupt politicians and officials who facilitate the electric operation?

Increasing the payment for electricity is not the solution because for sure that additional amount will just go directly to the pockets of the corrupt individual. The better solution they could do is to make sure that their supply will not be abused by its users and the funds alloted for projects like this should be used properly.

Everyone is now experiencing a sudden blackout and very hot temperature that can almost cause heat stroke to many people. Hopefully rainy days will come soon.

They must be transparent and show to the masses that not a single coin will be kept inside their pockets.


Are you still using an the old phones with no camera, wifi, blutooth and internet?
Well, you don’t have to confine yourself with this dilemma.

Sometimes old phones are much better in terms of battery life and accessibility. You don’t have to stress yourself with application updates. You don’t always need to confines yourself with new gadgets available online because after all it’s up to you how you will define satisfaction.

For example is the first Nokia phones where they have a long lasting durability even you throw them many times on the road when you are mad with your boyfriend. It is much user friendly compared to the new phones nowadays.

So better be satisfied with your phones and stop bothering yourself with what new gadgets to buy.

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