Power Shortage in the Philippines

Currently, the Philippines is experiencing a rotational brownout the almost reach up to 7 hours everyday. Malls and other establishments are experiencing some damage with their main appliances like air conditioners and other machineries. If we come to think of it, the number of users in the country that owned gadgets and other appliances don’t reach the total number of electric consumers in other country like U.S and other places around the globe.

The country has many resources but why is this happening nowadays? Is it the effect of the corrupt politicians and officials who facilitate the electric operation?

Increasing the payment for electricity is not the solution because for sure that additional amount will just go directly to the pockets of the corrupt individual. The better solution they could do is to make sure that their supply will not be abused by its users and the funds alloted for projects like this should be used properly.

Everyone is now experiencing a sudden blackout and very hot temperature that can almost cause heat stroke to many people. Hopefully rainy days will come soon.

They must be transparent and show to the masses that not a single coin will be kept inside their pockets.

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