Shameful Filipino Politicians

Philippines is now on a chaotic states after multibillion pork barrel scandal explode last year. A few politicians has been involved in the plunder case including Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile, and its lawyer Gigi Reyes. There are still many persons involved but they still need to prove it before releasing a warrant of arrest.

It’s so funny because these theft who stole the money of poor Filipino people are making a lot of excuses to escape the issue. Sadly, in the Philippines justice is not serve well and despite all the clear evidences of plunder, these politicians continue to act innocently that they almost want to seek trial by combat like in game of thrones.

Most of them really perform dramatic strategies like renewal of vows to his wife and they even said that they want to bring their family inside the jail. Take note, its not the typical jail with all the other detainees since they build a very beautiful jail for them. Is this what you call Justice?

If only we can just cut off their head and put it after on the gate of Malacanang palace, then we might at least threatened the rest of the politicians to do the same.


To read more about this issue, please click the link:

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