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Kroid POS free trial version and demo available online

Did you ever heard the product Kroid POS? If not, then read this article and be informed about new POS system trends.

Kroid is one of the leading provider of POS system for restaurant and coffee shops. It offers customizable POS where you can set, arrange and fix your own menu. At the same time, it has a tool where you can set-up the time in and clock out of your employees. Unlike other POS that are not user friendly, this POS has an easy-to-use interface that is flexible for all first time user.

On their site, they have a free trial version that you can download on your Android devices. Don’t be afraid because they are not going to force you to purchase the product after the expiration of your trial version. This is for you to determine if it will work properly for your business.

A demo online is also located on the site where you can try clicking the menus and experience the actual interface of the surface. If you want to see more of this, check or try to read more about POS system before purchasing anything for your business at Kroid News