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Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers in the World

To be a mother is not easy. Every time I see how my mother would do several work just to feed us, I know she is really a supermom. She takes care of us and gives what we want but I never heard her complaining about it. I’m lucky enough that she knows how to balance work and motherly task. 

In this special day, I would like to honor and give thanks to my Mama Yolly for all the sacrifices you have done for us. I wish I can stay with you longer despite my condition.

Here is my simple gift for you. A painting of our walks in the park when I was young. You always hold my hand as if you are affraid to lose me anytime. I love you mom and happy mother’s day. <3<3

Art for Art Sakes

Let’s Stop Talking Tech stuff for a while!

I don’t only talk about tech things and shiz but I also have a big heart for arts and painting.

How about you?

This painting is done through poster paint. It’s a simplistic drawing but it tries to cover the whole frame and done after Vincent V.(original copy is torn by my evil aunt after she envied me for being the favorite of her sibling. So I stopped painting for a while because of trauma.) I don’t do any editing of the painting but my camera is quite bad so forgive for that matter. 🙂

I have lost of frustration in life. I have so many dreams that will remain as dreams forever. But the moment I held brush in my hands, I know in my paintings I don’t have to think about what others will say, I will continue to paint because I know I love it. I do it for the art itself not to just to impress other people.

I am willing to accept criticism because I am trained to listen to other people’s opinion. You can be who you are as long as you choose to become what you are. Don’t waste time regretting that you are not born with a gift of being a painter. Dreams are made therefore start making one for your future.