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Enzo Pastor’s Death

It’s quite surprising when I read the news about Enzo Pastor’s death. He was shot by unknown gunmen in Manila Philippines. He brought honor to the country but now even his death doesn’t get the kind of justice he deserves.

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A Look Back in the Past

There is nothing more nostalgic that visiting an old street where you play when you were young.

I grew up in this old barrio called Purok Madasigon. It’s a small dot in the whole Philippine Islands but a lot of great stories can be found in this place.

It inspires me to take up a creative writing course that will allow me to write many unforgettable stories of ordinary people-a story that probably the world will never care at all.

But here I am representing this old street where memories of my childhood days remain alive. If only I can choose to be young forever, I might still playing on this dusty street together with other children.

All of us have our own playground but we will be surprised later on how this playground will turn into the same place as the rest of the world where cruelties of life do exist.

Look at how ordinary the street is. Our place is actually surrounded with vast sea and huge mountains. I wish the photo can help  you feel the calm atmosphere of Mabini. If you are living in the city, for sure you will like this place much better.

I am lucky enough that I experienced how to live a simple life, no gadgets, no play station just old Pinoy games and a lot of playing for the rest of the day.